Kathy Ireland is the World's Richest Supermodel

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Kathy Ireland is the World\'s Richest Supermodel
Is it bad that I had to google “who is Kathy Ireland”? Apparently she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for 13 consecutive years. So she was apparently “big in the 80’s.” Just like hair and also car phones. #Nailedit.

Anyways, According to Forbes, Gisele Bundchen is no longer the world’s richest supermodel, Kathy Ireland is now the world’s richest, having a net worth of around $350 million. Bad news for Gisele, it must suck having only $170 million in your net worth bank account. Welcome to the 99% Gisele Bundchen! Hahah poor.

Cathy Ireland’s insane income comes from her company Kathy Ireland Worldwide, which produces $2 billion worth of retail products including a clothing line, furniture, flooring and even windows, which is the most bizarre, what is the tagline? “Windows by Supermodel Kathy Ireland.”

Anyways, Kathy’s entrepreneurial career began in 1993 when Kmart approached her to endorse a line of socks.

Yes, you read that right. Kmart decided to ask the world’s most popular swimsuit model to endorse socks. Socks. Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Let’s get the Sports Illustrated model to come put her face on a line of socks and not ask her to endorse bathing suits or lingerie at all! Great idea 1993 Kmart executive! It will be the BEST idea.

Just to put Kathy Ireland’s income into perspective…last year her empire sold about $2 billion worth of retail products, while Martha Stewarts retail line sold an estimated $900 million. Two things are clear: Kathy Ireland is still winning, and I still don't really know who she is at all.
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