Gwen Stefani Channels Marilyn Monroe

October 17, 2011 By:

Marilyn Monroe makes a comeback for the November 2011 issue of Instyle Magazine. Ok, not really but damn Gwen Stefani looks just like the iconic actress….yet again!

Gwen and Marilyn both have that platinum blonde hair and you will never ever see roots from Stefani. It helps that she’s the spokesperson for L’Oreal.

"My hair color is L'Oréal, but I won't reveal the number," says Stefani, a spokesperson for the product. "And I do my roots as often as Marilyn Monroe did hers. I'm serious."

Gwen is gearing up to launch her third line Harajuku Mini for Target in mid-November, which is obviously exciting for the designer/singer/mother.

This is obviously the newest trend. Designers have realized that us normal folks can’t afford their stuff and technically we’re the ones that wanna buy them. Normal folks can only afford clothes from stores like H&M, Target, etc.

Gwen covers the latest issue of the mag where she talks about her kids, her trademark blonde hair, her makeup routine and much more…

You can read excerpts from the interview below:

On her infamous blonde hair: “My hair color is L’Oreal, but I won’t reveal the number. And I do my roots as often as Marilyn Monroe did hers. I’m serious. I found out…You know, I was a redhead once. Right after we came home from the first No Doubt tour I felt like I might get recognized, so I colored my hair red. And I hated it.”

On her diligent makeup routine: “The makeup goes on every day, even if I’m not going anywhere.”

On making time for her boys: “The thing I’d like to do is enjoy these boys while they’re young - so I don’t regret I was working too much when they’re big and don’t want to cuddle with me anymore.”

On life's indulgences: "I'm conscious of what I eat, but some days I cave and have cookies. On fun nights with the family, my husband cooks amazing things and there will be carbs."