Gwyneth Paltrow is "World's Best Dressed Woman" of 2012

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Gwyneth Paltrow is \"World\'s Best Dressed Woman\" of 2012
Right before I hit the “snooze” on this, wake me up when they release that this is the best dressed list of 2012 and not 1996…

The magazine’s annual title calls Gwyneth Paltrow this year’s “World’s Best Dressed Woman” causing readers around the globe to wonder if People accidentally printed a back issue from their editorial archives.

Apparently its editors, fashion bloggers, and 42 million moms who read People in between riveting halves of their kids’s soccer games were constantly wowed by Gwyn’s subtle, classic, elegant, hand-me-an-Ambien style.

Now if this were the ‘90s, I’d be all about this choice—Gwyneth was EVERYTHING in the ‘90s, her relationship with Brad was the decade’s jam—but aside from her all-white Tom Ford cape gown at the 2012 Oscars, I can’t remember another style moment this year that could justify this glossy title because I was sleeping through it.

Paltrow’s stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, contends though it’s because the actress “doesn’t do fringe” and that “she has a uniform: it’s simple, not overdone.” True that. Not arguing that Gwyneth doesn’t look G. She can wear something fashionable like no one else’s business, but that’s exactly it with her: Gwyneth’s fashion choices always feel like business.

A title this grandiose sounding should be reserved for someone who takes fashion-forward risks with their wardrobe once in a while, right? Not the Martha Stewart of the Red Carpet.

More interesting awardees from the list include Emma Stone (Best Red Carpet Style), Jennifer Lawrence (Best Under 25s), Rihanna (Best Risk-Taking Style) and Miranda Kerr (Best Street Style).
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