Latest Hair Trend: Collagen For Your Hair

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You’ve heard about collagen injections for your face and lips, but have you ever thought about collagen for your hair? The latest hair craze is collagen for your hair. World-renowned hair stylist Roy Teeluck has developed the newest product in hair conditioning, the Concentré de Collagène.

So what is Concentré de Collagène? It’s a new hair care treatment that uses a unique collagen delivery system to penetrate the skins out layer near the hair roots. This product is the only one like it.

  Massage the product into your hair and follow it up with a blow-out for what Teeluck says will deliver “hair plumping and hair that is popping off at the roots.”

The “hair plumping” collagen conditioning formula will give you big hair in the short term, the “long term gratification is that your hair will feel healthier, shinier and thicker,” says Teeluck of Roy Teeluck Salon in NYC.

The collagen is applied without needles to the whole scalp and rejuvenates and restores the scalp.

“The results from applying this collagen serum to the hair and scalp are astonishing,” says Teeluck, “It creates an enriched environment for hair to maintain its optimal health as it grows. Blowouts are so much fuller…it plumps up your hair.”  

Roy’s Concentré de Collagène is currently available for purchase at the flagship Roy Teeluck Salon in Manhattan or at and retails for $55.00 which delivers six treatments for your hair.
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