How To Guide: 6 Easy Braids For Summer

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Got beach hair? It’s too hot to use a flat iron? Spending your summer in the swimming pool? No problem, just braid your hair.

Try one of these six braided hair looks from Real Simple for easy and elegant summer styles to change up your hairdo. And check out ModaMob's How-To-Video below...

Note: It’s easier to braid your hair when it’s a little dirty, so skip a wash or grab some dry shampoo because braids encourage slightly dirty strands.

1) The Braided Crown: This style works best with medium-length to long hair. Separate hair into two low pigtails. Braid both sections and secure with clear elastics. Pull one braid up over your head and bobby-pin it an inch back from hairline. Repeat on the opposite side, placing second braid behind the first. For a more intricate style, try French braiding your strands instead of a regular braid.

2) Flower Bun: Longer hair works best for this look. Part your hair however you like, then separate a one-inch section of hair at each temple and clip out of the way. Gather remaining hair at nape of neck. Create two or three low braids, securing the ends with clear elastics. Twist each braid until it curls into itself; bobby-pin in place. Unclip and twist the two pieces by your temples. Pin under the braided bun.

3) Side Fishtail Braid: This braid works best on longer hair with some wavy texture. Gather hair to one side in a low ponytail, securing it close to the base on your neck with a clear elastic. Create a fishtail braid: Separate the ponytail into two sections. Hold one section; with your other hand, take a narrow strip of hair from the outside of the other section and bring it over to the one in your hand. Repeat, incorporating hair from one section into the other until you run out of hair; then secure with another clear elastic. Finally, with a pair of scissors, carefully cut out the top elastic to give the braid a loose, casual look.

4) Side French Braid: This look will even work for short hair. Create a side deep part and starting from the part and working toward the opposite temple, French-braid a section of hair about an inch wide along your hairline, stopping at the temple. Secure with bobby pins and style the rest of your hair as usual.

5) Fishtail Flower: Slick down center-part medium-length to long hair. Secure hair at the nape with a clear elastic. Form a fishtail braid, then twist the braid around itself to create a “flower.” Pin to hold.

6) Braided Halo: Separate the upper portion of medium-length to long hair (from temples to crown) and temporarily clip it atop your head. Take a small section at each temple and tightly French-braid it, working back toward your crown; secure each braid with a clear elastic. Next, unclip the hair at your crown. Use one hand to hold this section up and the other to tease it at the roots with a fine-tooth comb, making a little pouf. Gently smooth over the teased portion with a paddle brush. Then anchor the braids to the bottom of the pouf with bobby pins.
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