Yosi Samra Launches EZRA Totes

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Ah, supermarkets. Always too cold, always smell kind of off, always have small children darting in circles around your ankles, and now they charge you for bags. If you’re smart, you’ve started bringing your own tote every time you go shopping, but if you are really like me you break everything, including canvas bags.

Luckily, Yosi Samra, best known for their incredible collection of ballet flats (if you owned all of them, you would literally have a pair for every outfit it’s possible to create with the available clothing on the planet), has moved in to handbags. Not just handbags, though--durable, awesome-wear everywhere leather totes.

Their EZRA collection of totes in two-tone, snake, leopard and “dinosaur” (think reptile skin, just huge scales) leathers, retail for $198 to $225. They’re the perfect bag for your laptop, groceries, workout stuff or tiny dogs—check out Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria getting good use out of their color-blocked totes (SJP is also wearing Yosi Samra flip flops!

You can check out the entire Yosi Samra line at www.yosisamra.com, or at retail shops across the country.
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