Hayden Panettiere Explains Why She Went Red

January 29, 2010 By:
Hayden Panettiere Explains Why She Went Red

If you’ve seen Hayden Panettiere lately, you may have noticed she’s turned in her signature blonde locks for red! So what’s the deal behind the ginger ‘do? Hayden says she needed the change.

The Heroes star turned up to the Temple Grandin premiere in New York earlier in the week and told People the reason was “Because I could, because I was done with the season.

Hayden continued, “I was like, ‘I need to change, I need to get myself out of this slot. I don’t feel like a blonde right now!’”

Hayden even had her stylist touch up her brows as well! “I hope they match,” she said, continuing, “Eyebrows very much frame the face.”

And it sounds like this is just the beginning of Hayden’s experimentation with hair color. She said, “I was going to go dark. And then I decided to go red first — and then dark.”

She can definitely pull off the look. We love her as a blonde, but everyone needs to change it up every once in a while! What do you think of Hayden’s decision to go ginger?