Heidi Klum and Seal Get Creative With Ape Costumes For Halloween

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Heidi Klum and Seal Get Creative With Ape Costumes For Halloween
Without a doubt, Heidi Klum had the best Halloween costumes this year as she does every year. After showing up as a corpse with no skin for her TAO Las Vegas party on Saturday where she rolled up on a gurney, she debuted another amazing costume last night at part two of her annual Halloween party.

Last night Heidi Klum and her husband Seal were monkeying around in New York. LITERALLY. Klum and Seal looked like extras from Planet of the Apes in some freakishly lifelike ape suits.

The party was held at the Dream Downtown hotel and Klum and Seal wore matching primate costumes. They were head to toe in fake fur, prosthetics and intense makeup. The couple hammed it up for cameras by planting kisses on each other, which was cute in a “aww it’s almost like the zoo” kind of way.

Klum said it took nearly six hours to get ready but was happy she didn’t have to wear heels. In a statement to the AP she said she was the “link between man and ape.”

Ok, it was a cool costume but let’s not get carried away.

Last week she teased audiences with a sneak peek at a fitting for both her costumes. At that point the costume was nothing more than a skullcap, some monkey ears, and some weird body hair. Who knew how awesome and realistic it would turn out?

Other celebrity guests at Klum’s big Halloween bash also went to the extremes in costumes that paid incredible attention to detail.

Fergie dressed as a Toddlers in Tiara contestant. She looked exactly like those little pageant girls in a huge pink taffeta and tulle dress, gigantic bouffant wig up-do, ruffle socks and carrying a large pink bear.

Michelle Trachtenberg painted her entire body blue as a zombie doll like creature. I don’t exactly know what she was, but you could tell she worked hard on that costume.

The design duo, The Blonds, were dresses as a couple of gremlins with huge ears and leather jackets.

Vinny from The Jersey Shore went as Derek Zoolander and he was nearly unrecognizable.

Kanye West’s former girlfriend, Amber Rose went as Slash from Guns N’ Roses and she was surprisingly very mannish. She pulled off greasy 80’s guitarist very well.

Some chick named Jessica White went as a snake charmer, and I’m only mentioning it because she snake she wore around her neck looked incredibly real.
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