Heidi Klum Launches Signature Fragrance

June 17, 2011 By:

Heidi Klum has joined the ranks of almost every single celeb in Hollywood. She's launched her first signature fragrance called, Shine.

Can't believe it took so long for Heidi to release a fragrance. Stars like Jewel, Sarah Jessica Parker and Celine Dion have fragrances and Heidi Klum is just launching it?

“There are different moods that as a fragrance creator you can travel to,” Klum tells WWD. “But for my first one, I wanted what I felt my staple would be. I wanted it to be sensual and feminine, but still luxurious and expensive-smelling - because I think there are so many perfumes out there that smell cheap and too sweet.”

Heidi partnered with European cosmetics company Astor for her floral fragrance.

Shine will hit shelves in September and princes will start at $17.