Heidi Klum's Epic Halloween Costume Took Months to Make

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Heidi Klum\'s Epic Halloween Costume Took Months to Make
By the way Heidi Klum treats Halloween, you’d think she invented it.

The supermodel goes super hardcore for the occasion every single season (clearly she holds the same adage for her costumes she does towards the disposable bodies propped up as contestants on “Project Runway”—one minute they’re in, the next minute they’re out!) and this video gives us into a behind-the-seams look at her next All Hallow’s Eve reveal: a golden Cleopatra.

With a production value and budget usually reserved for most Michael Bay movies, Heidi’s spooky garb is expectedly over-the-top, as confirmed by this four-minute clip.

Following a matter-of-factly super imposed banner that reads “First Costume Meeting” (or what regular people call “First and Last Choosing Whatever Is Left at a Party City on October 30th Meeting”), Heidi decides on her outfit with designer Martin Izquierdo instructing him that this is no time to think small, saying “if you think a lot…I want more” with a slightly possessed look in her eye.

See, Heidi wants it big. She wants it gold. She wants it glittery. She wants it to cost the entire GDP of Egypt. She needs her Cleopatra to be everything one idea short of breaking into the British Museum and just stealing one of those goddamn mummies (as an accessory) and sacrificing a human being as a religious offering.

Except she’s quickly put back in her place when they tell her that at this rate the costume will weigh 140 pounds, to which they sadly begin to pare back and edit because less is more, Heidi. Don’t you watch your own reality TV design show?!

In year’s past, Heidi has dressed up as a serpent eating an apple, a skinned body (her best), and the Hindu god Vishnu. Watch how she plans to top those creations in this video here:

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