Crocodile Hermes Bag Sells for $203,150

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Some rich lady just shelled out almost a quarter of a million dollars for a handbag. If this person spent that much on a stupid purse what does their house look like? This person must live on the moon. In a hover-house, with a hover-car, probably.

So anyways during a Heritage Auction in Dallas, where "Everything's bigger in Texas!" someone took that sentiment a little too seriously. An anonymous bidder paid $203,150 for an Hermes Birkin bag. The full title of the bag is a "Hermes Exceptional Collection Shiny Rouge H Porosus Crocodile 30 cm Birkin Bag with Solid 18K White Gold & Diamond Hardware." So when that Texas lady's husband wonders why she spend $200K on a purse she can be like, "but it's 'Exceptional.'"

I can't think of ANYTHING else in the world where that money could have been better spent. Who needs a roof over your head when you can have a birkin bag, like duh. This economy aint sinking! Look at my crocodile bag b-tch!

The only other "holy crap that's how much you paid for a handbag" moment I can remember in recent history is when Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen sold a $39,000 Alligator Skin backpack through their designer label, "The Row."

Those gator bags don't come cheap!

The bag holds the record for the most expensive sale of any handbag at any auction.

"This is an extraordinary example of one of the world’s most exceptional handbags, and this was certainly an exceptional price, exceeding our highest expectations at every corner,” said Matt Rubinger, director of luxury accessories at Heritage Auctions.

There were three other bags sold during the auction that each went for $113,525, $95,600, and $80,663 respectively. Each bag broke the record as they were being sold, until the big Kahuna $200,000+ bag was revealed, setting the record for most expensive auction bag ever!

Just to put things into perspective here's some other things that cost $203,150

- 4 years of tuition to Harvard University
- A 5 bedroom family home in states like Kansas or Iowa
- A Bugatti Sports car
- 13 Honda Civics
 - 285 iPads
- 2-3 Appearance fees for Kim Kardashian

So even though this bidder claims to be anonymous - Which Real Housewife do you think bought it? Huh. My money's on NeNe Leakes of RH of Atlanta.  
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