Uggs Boots and Hermes Win Big in Counterfeit Lawsuits

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Remember when Uggs were the most popular shoes ever and wearing a denim miniskirt with some pink Uggs would guarantee to turn heads? Haha me neither.

That being said, these shoes are apparently still a hot commodity because the officially Ugg company just won $686 million in two lawsuits against 3,000 China-based websites selling counterfeit Uggs!

Not only did Ugg boot headquarters walk away with $686 million, but now whenever you log onto one of the fake Ugg-toting websites, a warning sign will pop-up, and you’ll be redirected to the Uggs real online store.

Some of the counterfeit sites had very clever names like that sounded just like the official site.

The brand has already sent 23,000 take down letters to sites, has had 19,000 links removed from search engines, and has seized more than 834,000 counterfeit Ugg products.

In other fashion lawsuits, Hermes just won $100M in fake Birkin Bag lawsuits.

The French fashion house will get $100 million in damages to be paid by 34 websites selling counterfeit versions of the luxury goods.

The counterfeit websites failed to follow an early court order to temporarily stop selling the goods. The judges ordered all PayPal accounts associated with the sites to be liquidated.

The court also ordered Google, Bing and Yahoo to no longer provide links to the fake sites.
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