Anna Dello Russo Raps Fashion "Lessons" For The Masses

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Everyone’s favorite fashion editor-at-large, the dynamic Anna Dello Russo, knows how to keep the fashion world playful.

The Vogue Japan’s “guardian of fashion” rocks it in a music video for her new H&M accessories line—a showering preview of her predominately brassy-gold-with-a-splash-of-turquoise collection.

In a PVC mini, Russo does some walks-like-an-Egyptian dance moves while semi-rapping through a list of tongue-in-cheek “fashion rules" over an on-the-pulse electro-Euro-trashtastic track. Overall, it sounds like both an intentional parody of the current EDM Top 40 craze and the fashion world itself with a hint of modern day Madonna. Um, Anna Dell-obsessed!

This is all of course what we love most about Ms. Russo—not taking herself too seriously and reminding everyone that fashion is supposed to be fun with the following "fashion rules:"

Lesson #1: Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom.
Lesson #2: Between style and fashion? Absolutely fashion!
Lesson #3: Fashion is always uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable you never get the look.
Lesson #4: Fabulous at every age!
Lesson #5: Wearing night clothes in the daytime is unexpected.
Lesson #6: Somebody wearing your same outfit? Then, wonderful! You did the right choice.
Lesson #7: You must wear outfit once!
Lesson #8: Wear your coat as a dress.
Lesson #9: It doesn't matter the size of your body. Fashion flatters everything.
Lesson #10: Fashion jewels personalize your style.
The accessories hit H&M floors on October 4.
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