Maison Martin Margiela: Next H&M Designer Collaboration

June 11, 2012 By:

Women’s Wear Daily has just started the rumor that H&M is going to announce it’s next one-off designer collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela.

For starters, whoa. Maison Martin Margiela isn’t in line with the Versace’s, Lanvin’s and Karl Lagerfeld’s of the world (like H&M’s past collaborations). Margiela is some real conceptual, not very ready-to-wear stuff. Margiela is what Lady Gaga wears when she steps out onto the street. Margiela is really weird stuff.

So far it’s only a rumor as H&M gave their standard “We never comment on rumors” line. But it’s probably going to happen.

H&M may be moving in a more avant-garde direction.

Their last collection with Marni didn’t have the mass appeal as say, the Versace collaboration.

Everything in the Marni collection was super impossible to wear unless you were one of those waify model types that frequent 4am parties in warehouses.

Margiela has been name checked by Jay-Z in “Run This Town” when he raps “I’m in Maison, Ah, Martin Margiela.” And when Jay-Z or Kanye West name drop a label, you know it’s exclusive because those guys probably sleep in a bed of cash.

However, many in the fashion world are afraid that Margiela going to H&M is “selling out” as the brand has always been about it’s “special-ness and it’s in-the-know niche status,” to quote

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