How Re-Sellers Ruined Jason Wu for Target

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The people have spoken. And they’re pissed. Okay, it’s a small group of people, but still. We’re pissed.

If you were as excited about the Jason Wu collection for Target as I was, you were probably just as disappointed when you went to the store or went online and realized everything was sold out. But don’t worry, you can still get some items…on eBay. For three times the price.

Within one day of Jason Wu’s Target collection going on sale, it was almost completely sold out and over 11,000 items are already on eBay.

Certain stores, like the ones in Midtown Miami, sold out completely within minutes after two re-sellers bought the entire collection (worth $7,000) and relisted them on eBay. WTF? Why would Target allow that?! Someone’s getting fired.

Consumers are so pissed they’re calling for a boycott on resellers to discourage this kind of thing from happening in the future.

But on the bright side, at least Target upped their servers this time around. Remember when Missoni hit Target? Target’s website was down for most the day and angry shoppers invaded the store leaving nothing behind. Wait, so it’s basically the same thing. Target: 1, Consumer: 0. Damn.
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