Jason Wu to Design For Target

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Jason Wu to Design For Target
Expect the Target website to crash yet again. Jason Wu, the young prodigy designer whose clothes have been famously worn by first lady Michelle Obama, will debut a special edition collection for Target in early 2012. Start camping out now.

Target has always done limited edition designer collections, but lately they've really started to outdo themselves. Target just launched the Missoni for Target collection which drove flocks of fashionistas to Target.com crashing the website and camping outside of Target stores all across America.

Target has been dropping hints all week via twitter to lead up to the announcement. They tweeted, "Who is the next #TargetDesigner? Get your sleuthing gear on, we're about to share some clues." They then unleashed 5 "clues" which were not obvious at all, unless you're one of those fashion intern types who watched NY Fashion week online and actually refer to black dresses as LBD's.

One of the clues was "#TargetDesigner Clue 1: the new @TargetStyle designer began sketching the future of fashion at 5 years old."

Uhmmm...can I phone a friend? Ask the audience?

Clue # 3 was, "Our next @TargetStyle designer won't leave home without this. Would love to see what's in [it]." Then they twitpic'd a photo of a black moleskine notebook, which really could belong to ANY designer.

Anyways, after tempting style fans with several more clues they finally announced today that fashion wunderkid Jason Wu would design a collection of women’s wear and handbags that will become available starting February 5, 2012.

If you can't wait that long, there's a teaser video posted by Target on youtube that shows Jason Wu cutting things, hinting at the patterns of fabric and talking about how he's influenced by cats. Yes, really cats. You still excited about this thing?

Wu told Women's Wear Daily, "The exciting thing about this limited edition collection of affordable women's wear and accessories is that it allows me to reach a wider audience and bring my designs to people who may not have been able to purchase them before."

Wu will join other "for-Target" designers like Missoni, Rodarte, Zac Posen, Erin Fetherston to name a few. However, Wu's range probably won't be as extravagant as the 400 piece Missoni collection.

Wu has been around since his debut collection in 2006, but rocketed to fame when he custom designed the white chiffon gown that Michelle Obama wore to the Inaugural Ball in 2009.

Now, regular women who couldn't afford his designs and aren't married to the president can purchase his threads for the first time. His style is what I'd describe as whimsical businesswoman. His designs are delicate and perfectly tailored and perfect for the Target shopper.

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