See Jean Paul Gaultier's Diet Coke Bottles

April 12, 2012 By:
See Jean Paul Gaultier's Diet Coke Bottles

Jean Paul Gaultier was recently named the 2012 creative director for Diet Coke and now he’s revealed the fashion forward coke bottles. Unfortunately you can only buy the Diet Coke in Europe, so photos and videos is the closet we’re going to get to these cool coke bottles.

The bottles come in three different styles. One is “dressed” in a blue-white striped top by Breton, aka JPG’s uniform. The other two bottles look a lot like Madonna during her “cone bra” years, which makes sense, because JPG created all of Madonna’s stage costumes during that era.

The print ads feature two models dressed like the coke bottles, but instead of a pretty model face, the models hold up a photo of JPG where their own faces should be.

The bottles are supposed to emulate a “Day & Night” theme. Stripes are for the day, and cone bras are for the night.

The models also feature some tattoo art like an anchor on the arm of the model in the striped sailor dress.

“The brand asked me to explore its fun personality and to style the bottle,” says Gaultier, “I want to show people the codes and signatures I love. The bottles have the shape of a woman’s body, so it was great fun to ‘dress’ them. The Diet Coke motif is so beautiful, I had to design around this. The finishing touch was to apply my logo to the bottle, like applying a fragile stamp – making it something special you want to touch.”