Jennifer Aniston Spends $8000 to Look Pretty

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Jennifer Aniston Spends $8000 to Look Pretty
I knew that it wasn’t just “good genes.” At 43-years-old Jennifer Aniston is pretty much known for youthful flawless skin and body. She looks great, but did you know it cost $8000 a month to look THAT good? Whew, not worth it.

Aniston spends $2000 a month on skincare alone. She professed to being obsessed with chemical peels that she says leave her looking like a “battered burn victim” for a week, she also spends $450 on neck cream that reportedly is made from crystals from the planet Mars.

I’ll let that one soak in for a bit. Neck cream..wait for it…from mars. Yeah, you read that right.

She also gets regular facials at Tracie Martyn Spa that cost over $500 and always leaves with about $390 worth of product.

Oh but she saves money by washing her face with a Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar. So, Mars crystals for the neck but drugstore bar soap for the face? Jennifer Aniston’s priorities are super whack.

As for the reported $8000 she spends to make her body look great, she spends about $300 an hour for private yoga lessons with her best friend Mandy Ingber.

“I feel like I am getting a meditation, a workout and time with my friend, all rolled into one hour,” Aniston has revealed in the past.

Nothing like paying for $300 an hour friendship, amiright?!

Aniston also reveals that she pays around $680 a week for her dietician Carrie Watt’s consultation fees and home delivery service.

Full break-down on Jennifer’s $8000 a month beauty regime:

-Euoko neck cream made with Mars crystals $450
-Tracie Martyn Spa Red Carpet Facials $50
-Tracie Martyn face product $390
-Mila Moursi Rejuvinating Serum $350
-Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar $2.50
-Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream $40
-Private yoga sessions $3,500
-Dietician Carrie Watt $2,700
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