Jennifer Aniston's Diet and Workout Routine Revealed

May 20, 2011 By:

There's really no denying that Jennifer Aniston is in amazing shape. But her toned and svelte physic comes with a lot of work. Her daily workout includes a 5-mile run followed by yoga. No wonder she looks that good at 42!

“I do it every other day and I usually do some sort of run before,” Aniston told the CBS Early Show via Fox News about her yoga routine.

“She is great with all of the balancing poses,” Aniston’s longtime yoga instructor Mandy Ingber explained to “She has amazing focus and presence. She does a mean tree...and can outlast my tree any day.”

Aniston infamously had a cobb salad every single day for ten years while shooting ‘Friends’ on the Warner Bros. lot—so clearly she’s a creature of habit. And after her marriage to Brad Pitt fell apart, she credited yoga to helping her heel.

But keep in mind that just doing yoga won’t get you a body like Jen’s. You have to really watch what you eat and cut out the crap. Cutting out sweets and sodas is the easiest way to cut calories. And remember to snack often throughout the day. But don’t you dare reach for those Oreos—when I say snacks I mean fresh fruits, nuts and veggies.

To replicate Aniston’s lean body—even in your 40s—trainer Joy Di Palma suggests a diet that is high in protein and consists of many small meals to keep the metabolism going.

Greek yogurt is a great snack to keep on hand, its high in protein and a great after workout snack. The ordinary American yogurt has a protein content of 5grams in average while Greek yogurts can reach even up to 20grams!

Di Palma suggests eating carbs like "yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal," and snacking on "peanut butter, cottage cheese and fruit, and a handful of almonds,” to get Aniston’s enviable figure.

But even Jen likes to splurge once in a while and enjoy greasy food. She admits she’s addicted to greasy Mexican food. Aren’t we all? “I pretty much go to grease, fried foods. Salt,” she confessed.

A trainer once told me the best way to keep a balance in your diet is to pick one meal a week to splurge on, so if you’re addicted to Mexican food, chicken wings or deep fried chicken, just pick one meal a week and let that be your splurge.

With bikini season right around the corner, it pays off to eat healthy, and remember, the most important rule of all: being comfortable in your own skin is the sexiest secret of all.