New Details On Jennifer Aniston's $1 Million Dollar Ring

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New Details On Jennifer Aniston\'s $1 Million Dollar Ring
Since the grainy photographs emerged earlier this week, most of the world has concluded that Jennifer Aniston's engagement ring from Justin Theroux is way too frigging big.

It's much bigger than the one Brad Pitt proposed to her with in 1999, and it even dwarfs the marquis monster Pitt gave to Angelina this year. It seems to be around the same size as Kim's mondo engagement publicity ring from last year, just in a much more unique shape.

But other than the fact that it's massive and looks like it might be uncomfortably heavy, not much was known about the ring until now.

Anthony Sarkissian, a Beverly Hills gemology and jewelry expert with 14 years of experience, has given his appraisal of the bauble:

"I this is a fine quality diamond of at least 10 carats, which it looks to be from initial photos, we could be talking about a million dollar ring here."

Here that? A MILLION DOLLARS. On Jen's hand. Just twinkling around in the open. Sarkissian goes on to say:

"The ring looks to be a cushion cut or oval shape diamond, mounted in a classic Halo design. It may have micro-pave diamonds around the center stone as well... Once again, Aniston is a trend-setter, going with a yellow gold setting. This is a popular trend in Europe right now, but we are just starting to see it in the states. "

There you have it, folks--do all the whining you like about how gaudy and big Jen's ring is, but in a year or two you'll be seeing many a hand weighed down by big ass gold and diamond imitations of her ring. Just you wait.

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