2011 Grammys Best Dressed List!

February 13, 2011 By:

Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

The most exciting part of a big award show is seeing what the stars are going to wear on the red carpet.

Although there weren't many that really impressed me this year, I managed to pick the top three that still had the WOW factor.

Below is my best dressed list in that order!

Jennifer Hudson:

Jennifer was the one star that stood out on the carpet at the Grammys! She didn’t need to wear a funky costume to get attention. Instead she wore an elegant yet sexy navy Versace dress and kept her hair chip chop straight. Her new body looked fabulous in that dress and she definitely tops my best-dressed list.

Miley Cyrus:

For once Miley Cyrus looked her age! She looked really cute in her long shimmery tiger-print Cavalli dress. She matched her dress with a bunch of bracelets to give her an edgier look. Her hair was simple with a half up do showing off her extra long hair extensions. As for her color, she might wanna consider hiring a new colorist because that orange color is not hot!

Jennifer Lopez:

When Jennifer Lopez arrives to a red carpet, all eyes are on her! Her hair extensions were super long, her dress was super short and her heels were extra high. Everyone might have been wearing long dresses to the Grammys this year, but J.Lo was all about showing leg. That’s why you gotta love her! She doesn’t go with what “everyone” is wearing, but with what feels and looks good on her that day. The Grammys are all about having fun and her short shiny dress was just that…fun!