Celeb Weight Loss Transformation Secrets Revealed

January 4, 2012 By:
Celeb Weight Loss Transformation Secrets Revealed

Mariah, Janet and Jennifer Hudson are the latest ladies to team up with big name weight loss companies to shed weight and boy, are these girls transforming their bodies.

Janet Jackson may have been inspired by Mariah Carey's 30-pound weight loss after she joined Jenny Craig. Mariah, who have birth to twins in July 2011, reveled that she shed the baby weight by keeping a 1,500 calories a day and thrice-weekly workouts.

Janet Jackson is the newest spokesperson for Nutrisystem, a food-delivery program. She revealed that growing up, her weight was a sore topic because the producers on her television debut for "Good Times" asked her to lose weight along with her brother Michael frequently teasing her about her weight, namely her rear.

Being in spotlight isn’t easy, and Jennifer Hudson learned that the hard way. This Oscar winner lost 80 pounds and swears by Weight Watchers.

Jennifer Hudson told Hollyscoop.com,"Weight Watchers it works, I feel good what else can I say"

Another American Idol alumni shed weight but used a different method. Jordin Sparks revealed she danced the weight off. "I actually took up a Zumba class, I adore it. I love it so much. I can’t run, I got a lot to carry so it hurts when I’m running. I love the Zumba class cause it just keeps me entertained for the entire time it’s amazing."

Dancing may be the key to losing weight in Hollywood as Kirstie Alley lost over 100 pounds with Dancing with the Stars, which resulted in her launching her 100 Days of Dance, a program in which she encourages people to dance for 100 consecutive days in order to lose weight or stay fit.

Meanwhile another DWTS alumn Kelly Osbourne lost 40 pounds by dancing her bootie off the hit TV show. Ricki Lake also danced off over a whopping 140 POUNDS and is now a size-4 hottie.

Kelly revealed about her stint, "It's got me on a definite routine, I’m eating so much more healthy you know working out never really done that before and I’m a lot happier i feel like there's much more for me to do in the daytime instead of me just sitting there at home."

Nothing is more surprising than Ricki Lake's weight loss. When asked by modamob.com if she would drop her clothes to show off her body in a magazine like Playboy she said, "No, I don’t think they’d ask me to be honest. I don’t think that, I was offered that a long time I think but no, I don’t think that’s in the cards. I’m 43 years old, I mean I look pretty good in my dress tonight but no, I don’t think naked, naked is for my guy."

It’s not just women that are making transformations in Hollywood but men as well. Actor Jonah Hill went from flab to fab. The funny man shed his fat-guy exterior the old fashioned way: through exercise and dieting! Since summer, Jonah has already lost around 40 pounds.

All this weight loss talk has inspired me to go work out today and skip out on my breakfast burrito.