Jennifer Lawrence: Her Hunger Games Style

March 21, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lawrence: Her Hunger Games Style

Jennifer Lawrence is doing the promo rounds for her new movie “The Hunger Games” and looks fabulous at each turn.

On Tuesday, the actress stopped by the “Late Show With David Letterman” in a black and bronze long sleeve figure-hugging dress and some strappy black heels that wound around the ankle.

She left the Letterman appearance in a Raoul diamond Dress, a sleeveless LBD with a diamond cutout at the neckline.

Then that same day, she attended a screening of her flick in a forest green Calvin Klein dress with a plunging neckline. I hear J.Lo is trying to get that same dress in sequin.

The next day she made an appearance on Good Morning America in a very patriotic and conservative ensemble compared to the night before. She paired a floaty white blouse, a navy Holmes & Yang skirt (Katie Holmes’ label, FYI) with a red belt and white sandals.

During one of her many outfit changes she stopped by Letterman and revealed some gems like how she does shots of vodka before a red carpet, how she thought a parked car outside her house was paparazzi when it wasn’t and why she hates watching her own movies.

“I’m a troll, I hate myself,” says Lawrence, “Don’t go see the movies, I’m a troll. I think the movie is great, but their biggest mistake is me.”

She also talks about the crazy Hunger Games fans, who seem almost as crazy as those ridiculous Twilight fanatics.

“They scream, and then cry, and one of them almost fainted,” says Lawrence, “We do these autograph signings, some of them start screaming before they even make it to me and then they run away.”