Chanel "Lent" Jennifer Lopez's Daughter a Pin and Karl Lagerfeld Doesn't Like It

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Chanel \"Lent\" Jennifer Lopez\'s Daughter a Pin and Karl Lagerfeld Doesn\'t Like It
If you didn’t wish you were Emme, Jennifer Lopez’s four-year-old daughter, you will now.

J.Lo joined Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld on a German TV talk show Wetten, Dass...? where she was casually dishing about the $2,400 outfit her daughter wore to Chanel’s spring/summer 2013 runway show in Paris earlier this month, except don’t be fooled by the rocks that Emme’s got photogs.

While Emme was gifted that adorable little white Chanel handbag, Jenny revealed the sparkly double-C emblem pin was “lent” to her. So unfair, right? Yeah, Karl thought so too.

“Lent?” he said, gasping up a little shocked air and probably the diamonds he ate for breakfast. “They took it back? Oh, how horrible.”

Jen genuinely says, “That’s okay,” and clearly didn’t care or lose sleep over it, though Chanel probably will. Don’t know what hour it is over in France, but something tells me Chanel’s PR team might be working overtime addressing some gems over to Emme’s playroom at this very moment.

The nearly six minute sequence is also just classically awkward the way all Americans-on-foreign-television-talk-shows are awkward. Remember Bill Murray in Lost in Translation? This is the sequel.

For starters, it takes about a full minute for the entertainer just to figure out where she’s sitting on the set’s couch, though in all fairness, in true German fashion the couch is bizarrely large and the size of a bus. (“Waiting for Tonight”? More like just “Waiting For a Place to Park This Booty Sometime Before Tonight,” except that chorus wouldn’t be as catchy.) Then, when asked questions, Jennifer is slowed down by the language and kind of dumbs down and abbreviates her English (sort of like what she did with “J.Lo”), though it’s all out of politeness, which makes it all the more “awk.”

It’s not as bad as Gigli, but worth a cursory watch:

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