ModaCRASH Victim: Jennifer Lopez Snake Filled Outfit

June 13, 2011 By:
ModaCRASH Victim: Jennifer Lopez Snake Filled Outfit
Jennifer Lopez snakes her way onto the red carpet. Pun intended.

J.Lo showed up dressed like that to perform in London at the Wembley Stadium Summertime Ball. I feel itchy just looking at her outfit.

At first glance this looks like a snakeskin dress, but no, it is in fact a snakeskin top tucked into a snakeskin skirt with a pair of thigh high snakeskin boots.

J.Lo had the option of saying “no” to the snakeskin on three separate occasions, yet she decided to keeping piling on the snake. I can imagine her stylist holding up a variety of tops and bottoms and J.Lo being like, “I can't decide, don't you just have every piece in say, snakeskin?”

I feel like this is something Jenny from the Block would wear and not Jennifer Lopez from American Idol. This whole outfit screams “some-MTV-award-show-circa-2001-and-not-famous-enough-to-hire-a-stylist-yet.”

Strangely enough, those hooker boots are actually Louboutins.

Luckily for fans at the concert, J.Lo swapped the serpentine outfit for something more normal for her performance. And by normal, I mean, rhinestone tights and combat boots.

All that's missing is a giant anaconda draped around her neck. Don't worry, only snakes were harmed in the making of this outfit.