ModaCRASH Victim: Jennifer Lopez Snake Filled Outfit

June 13, 2011 By:

Jennifer Lopez snakes her way onto the red carpet. Pun intended.

J.Lo showed up dressed like that to perform in London at the Wembley Stadium Summertime Ball. I feel itchy just looking at her outfit.

At first glance this looks like a snakeskin dress, but no, it is in fact a snakeskin top tucked into a snakeskin skirt with a pair of thigh high snakeskin boots.

J.Lo had the option of saying “no” to the snakeskin on three separate occasions, yet she decided to keeping piling on the snake. I can imagine her stylist holding up a variety of tops and bottoms and J.Lo being like, “I can't decide, don't you just have every piece in say, snakeskin?”

I feel like this is something Jenny from the Block would wear and not Jennifer Lopez from American Idol. This whole outfit screams “some-MTV-award-show-circa-2001-and-not-famous-enough-to-hire-a-stylist-yet.”

Strangely enough, those hooker boots are actually Louboutins.

Luckily for fans at the concert, J.Lo swapped the serpentine outfit for something more normal for her performance. And by normal, I mean, rhinestone tights and combat boots.

All that's missing is a giant anaconda draped around her neck. Don't worry, only snakes were harmed in the making of this outfit.