Summer Weight Loss Tips From J. Lo's Trainer

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Summer Weight Loss Tips From J. Lo\'s Trainer
If you haven’t gotten your ideal bikini body by now, it’s time to whip yourself into shape. My ideal bikini body is a saggy butt and flabby arms, so I’m good.

But for those of you with standards, who don’t want to scare small children at the beach, Hollyscoop has some workout tips from Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

The personal trainer of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Gwyneth Paltrow has sculpted more bodies than Michelangelo.

While training Paltrow, Anderson said she heated things up: “I made the space very hot and had her do an hour and forty minutes. She likes to eat.”

Way to out her, Anderson! But it’s nice to know you can still stuff your face and have a body like Gwyneth’s. Tracy says when it came to dieting, Paltrow “will not.”

“I did have her watch what she ate a little bit. She is an amazing chef and loves to cook,” Anderson told Hollyscoop.

Paltrow told us, “It was hard. I don’t have the type of brain that can diet if she tells me “Don’t eat carbs” I will gain ten pounds. I like to do extra cardio and be able to eat pasta, wine, cheese, friends and whatever.”

So it’s either eat what you want and workout in a sauna for an hour and forty minutes, or watch your diet. And speaking of diets, Anderson says a lot of her celeb clients are going ga-ga for her Baby Food Diet.

“I developed a cleanse where you can still eat and it’s a lot of puree foods. I was very careful about the foods I chose to put in it. When you do these liquid cleanses I felt a responsibility to come up with something. I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity, break bad habits but still have your digestive system going. That is when the baby food cleanse was born. You get to eat all day, these little puree things and the chocolate pudding I did is pretty killer.”

Hmm, I wonder how a Double-Double tastes pureed. While it might help you lose weight, Anderson says it’s not permanent: “Liquid cleanses do help you lose weight, but you will gain more the next week,” Anderson says.
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