Jessica Chastain's YSL Campaign Ads Released

August 17, 2012 By:
Jessica Chastain's YSL Campaign Ads Released

YSL, or Saint Laurent if you’re watching a runway show, has been going through a ton of changes over the past few years: the name, the logo, the creative director, the extremely kickass website. One of the things they’ve kept very true to, though, is picking perfect redheaded spokesmodels for their fragrances.

As the face of Manifesto perfume, Jessica Chastain is the newest face of YSL beauty, following in the footsteps of Emily Blunt, Sophie Dahl and Karen Elson.

In her print ad, Jessica poses with purple painted hands (the idea was to portray her as an artist), ruby lips and red hair. The fragrance will hit France first, on September 10th, and then will be released throughout Europe later that month and in the U.S. in March 2013.

Chastain seemed nervous and excited about her new role in an interview with WWD.

“Having Jessica Chastain be the ambassadress of the fragrance — it’s a very vulnerable thing. It’s not something I really thought that I would do before until, of course, Yves Saint Laurent called. If you’re going to do something like this, it’s a very big deal to do it for Yves Saint Laurent. But what it does is it makes you very vulnerable because you don’t have a character to hide behind.”

Stephen Bezy, international general manager of YSL Beaute, explains their choice of Chastain in glowing terms: it was her "subtle strength..., her solar charm, her free mind. Jessica embodies the quintessence of Saint Laurent's femininity, a woman of her day and age, independent, determined, never where you expect her to be."