First Look at Jessica Simpson's Maternity Line

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First Look at Jessica Simpson\'s Maternity Line
Jessica Simpson’s 12 month pregnancy was just a real intense promotional tour for her upcoming maternity line, y’all.

Simpson gave birth to Maxwell Drew and is now announcing that she’s starting her first maternity line.

The line is technically part of The Jessica Simpson collection and the new maternity wear is actually Simpson’s 24th product classification. Yeah, it comes right after slouchy wide-leg pants and chunky bracelets.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the pregnancy fashion pieces will have a vintage 70’s feel and include, “signature denim in a variety of washes and leggings, as well as vintage print tops, flowing maxis and form-fitting jersey knit dresses. Jackets, blazers and chunky relaxed sweaters and knits round out the offering.”

The collection will retail from $36-$100, so it won’t break the bank. Oh also have I mentioned that the collection features capes? Because all pregnant woman want to pair their giant belly with a cape. Taking “super mom” to extreme measures, are we?

So far, three photos from the collection have surfaced. Each outfit consists of skinny jeans, heels, and a loose fitting top.

Everything I know about pregnancy I learned from watching “Teen Mom,” so clearly my priorities are whack, but something tells me that skinny jeans are kind of a non-option once your belly starts to get big.

“Teen Mom” also proves that your baby daddy will dump you for a girl named Amber when you get knocked up and that all your high school friends will stop inviting you to parties, but that is neither here nor there!

Congratulations on the baby and the maternity line. Pregnant women’s wear just got a lot more chic!
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