Justin Timberlake's New Givenchy Play Sport Ads

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Justin Timberlake\'s New Givenchy Play Sport Ads
Justin Timberlake\'s New Givenchy Play Sport Ads
Continuing his role as the face of Givenchy cologne, Justin Timberlake debuts the new campaign for Givenchy’s latest men’s fragrance, Play Sport!

Shouldn’t they pick someone who actually plays sports to front the brand? That being said, hubba hubba, Justin Timberlake has got the male-model squinty eyes thing down!

Justin Timberlake has fronted the brand for three years since the original fragrance Play was released in 2008. Is there anything this man cannot do? “No, nothing, he is good at everything,” says me, quoting myself.

In two of the images released for the campaign, Justin is seen riding in an old-school automobile, one-handed WHAT UP. In the other ad, he is standing outside a car, still looking sexy as ever.

Still, no sport is found in any of these photos. Unless “driving a car” is considered a sport, in which case, that’s really lazy.

The fragrance will be available worldwide in March.

Back when Justin first became the official face of Givenchy, the brand released this statement, “Beyond his huge celebrity appeal, we have chosen Justin Timberlake because he is a world recognized trendsetter who redefines modern elegance.”

Speaking of Justin Timberlake and fashion. Justin has debuted a full beard when he showed up for a tech convention in Las Vegas a week ago. It’s a little bit Zach Galifianakis-y, so for now we’ll just keep looking at these Givency ads and remember what “Sexyback” Justin was like.
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