JWoww: I Did Not Get Plastic Surgery

August 29, 2011 By:

If we had to rank the Jersey Shore girls, JWoww is the hottest, always. And not just hot-for-Jersey-Shore standards, Jenno "JWoww" Farley is hot enough to model in a car magazine.

We know her boobs are fake because it was basically all she talked about first season of Jersey Shore. But everything about her hot new bod is au natural she says.

JWoww has been dodging rumors that she's had weird plastic surgeries like chin shaving, cheek implants and a nose job. Besides the fact that I had no idea chin shaving was a thing, and can someone tell Jay Leno how to get this procedure, JWoww denies all the rumors and says she looks different now because she lost 15 pounds which made her face look thinner.

JWoww told Hollyscoop at the 2011 MTV Video Music awards that she only "lost a couple of pounds and got skin treatments."

Actually, Jwoww likes all the attention because it means people are checking her out, "Haters are going to hate. It's flattering. Even though I work out and lose 10-15 pounds they think I had to do so much. [They think] I got a nose job, chin job, cheeks," Jwoww tells Hollyscoop, "It's kinda good when they think I transformed that much that they think I went to the extreme. I just laugh at it."

Haha me too. People ask me all the time if I had my cheeks shaved down and I just laugh it off. Ha ha ha.

She told InTouch, "I lost 15 pounds and my cheeks became more defined," she says, "If I got work done, I would be open to talking about it but I didn't."

She told Life&Style mag in January that she doesn't maintain her hard partying lifestyle when she's not filming the show and that is how she lost so much weight, she says she only orders "vodka-seltzer, no cranberry, nothing fruity."

"I drank things that wouldn't induce a hangover so I could stick with the gym. It was hard, but it was worth it," she explains.

She's not surprised by her "new face," she says this was how she looked when she was in her early twenties. "I want to go back to where I was until I was 21. I was running 3 and a half miles a day, and I looked amazing. I was very, very health-conscious. And I'd never had a drink."

Celebuzz sent photos of Jwoww to celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher who said, "I have reviewed the photos of her...and do not believe she has had any plastic surgical intervention."

There you have it, the only thing plastic on Jwoww are her breast implants and that bottle of bottom shelf vodka in her hand.