First Look: Karl and Choupette in Harper's Bazaar

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First Look: Karl and Choupette in Harper\'s Bazaar
In the Gwen Stefani-covered September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the most famous kitty in the world makes a cameo. Though she usually appears solo, in the Bazaar spread, Choupette is held by her doting, larcenous owner, Karl Lagerfeld, who is wearing cat ears himself.

Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s fluffy, incredibly adorable cat, has two hand maidens and has been featured in more magazine spreads than Elle and Dakota Fanning. Most recently, she had her own profile in i-D magazine, where she was pictured hiding in shopping bags, playing with her iPad and generally fluffing around.

Karl also gave a quick Q&A about Choupette, which is his second favorite thing next to calling royals ugly. Highlights from the interview are below—make sure to pick up the September issue for the full talk!

Tell me about her eating habits:
“She does in the kitchen and sits in front of the food.  She doesn’t like to eat on the floor, so I have to put the food on the table.  Her dishes are by Goyard.  She has one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pate.  You have to serve everything, and she makes a choice.”

When asked if Choupette scratches or has claws:
“Yes, the doctor does her manicure.  She hates when we do it ourselves.  The only time she makes a scandal is then.”

Does she meow a lot, or is she a purrer?
“No, no no – everything is done with the eyes.  She knows exactly what she wants.”

What everyone seems to forget about this whole Choupette affair is that somewhere Baptiste Giabiconi is still mourning the loss of his kitten. Though Karl swears she was 'abandoned' to him, initial reports said that she was actually left in Lagerfeld's care when Giabiconi was on vacation, and he responded with a "Nah" when the model asked for her back. Though Choupette's tweets seem to prove that she's a happy camper, it could just be the Stockholm Syndrome talking.
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