Karl Lagerfeld Designing Affordable Line for Macy's

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Karl Lagerfeld Designing Affordable Line for Macy\'s
Karl Lagerfeld is collaborating with Macy’s on a new collection that will debut Lagerfeld designs on a budget.

The Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse collection consists of 45 pieces and will retail at an average price of $100. It launches at the end of August online and in select Macy’s stores.

Nicole Fischelis, Macy’s VP says the collection is a “contemporary spin on his signature aesthetic, with versatile, easy-to-wear pieces with a modern twist.” So basically, budget Chanel.

Though she warns that some of the pieces will have a couture spin, that a few customers might not “get it. “Some of it, customers will get right away – some of it will be a reach,” says Fischelis. Meaning, the typical customer at some Midwestern Macy’s are going to wonder why a woman would wear a tweed tuxedo jacket.

Customer 1: “Barb, why is the necktie on this blouse so high?” Barb: “I don’t know Nancy, that’s how they dress in Paris.”

Some of the designs are said to be based off of his creations at Chloe during the 70’s. Lagerfeld is looking forward to the collaboration, “To me, Macy’s is the perfect department store in the U.S where everybody can find what they’re looking for without ruining their budget,” said Lagerfeld in a release. “That’s why I am happy to make this limited collection just for Macy’s.”

This is not the first time that Lagerfeld has worked with a commoners brand. In 2004 he did a limited collection for H&M and the line sold out in days. He also directed a commercial for the ice cream brand Magnum, apparently Lagerfeld is some kind of Jack-of-all-Trades, from Chanel, to department stores, to ice cream – the man can do it all.
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