Kate Bosworth Should Have Stayed Home Last Night

December 13, 2010 By:
Kate Bosworth Should Have Stayed Home Last Night

We’re the stylists for Hollywood stars on vacation last night? #justsayin

You would think that they would dress to the nines since they were attending the 2010 Hollywood STYLE Awards, but celebs like Lea Michele and Kate Bosworth just ended up disappointing on the carpet.

Lea Michele Goes to Style Awards Looking Unstylish

Kate Bosworth’s pretty face is not gonna help her get away with that fashion atrocity.

That mint-green skirt needs to be burned immediately! If she wanted to keep it simple she should have just worn a simple dress or skirt with that plain top.

2010 Hollywood Style Awards Photos

She should have known as she was wearing that skirt, that she was gonna get hit by the fashion police!

She looks like she raided Chloë Sevigny's character's wardrobe trailer from Big Love, while at the same time making a pitstop at American Apparel's sale rack. The Amish sister wife look has got to go, Kate!

Another thumbs down from the Style Awards.