Kate Hudson Debuts New Brunette Hair

October 12, 2011 By:

Oh No. Kate Hudson is turning into a MOM! She just gave birth to baby #2 and now she has a sensible haircut and boring dye job. If celebrities don't look like Princesses always, then what is the point of even trying for the rest of us? I need something to aspire to, okay?

Thankfully for Hudson, she was just photographed wearing an ugly wig. And by ugly I mean, totally sensible and probably would be complimented by a lot of middle aged ladies named Pam at a PTA meeting.

In Hollywood, celebrity ladies pop babies out of their tummy’s and then somehow get super skinny super fast because of these things called "pilates" and "weekend cleanses" and then like days after the baby is born, they go back to work.

Kate Hudson took a short break to bond with her son Ryder, her fiancé Matt Bellamy and her newborn baby Bing (Can I just say that if you're gonna name your baby after a search engine, why would you go with anything other than Google? Just Saying). Now she's back in New York City and was seen sporting a brunette curly hairstyle on the set of her new film. You know, if you close one eye, she almost looks like Salma Hayek. Try it.

She's currently filming "The Reluctant Fundamentalist," a film that follows a young Pakistani man working on Wall Street whose life is changed after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

No word on who Kate plays in the films, but from the looks of that brown wig, she's probably playing the lead actors boring yet naturally beautiful girlfriend, or his shy yet stunning personal chef. I mean, you can put a dumb brown wig on Kate Hudson, but at the end of the day she's still Kate Hudson.

Other starlet's that ditched their golden locks for a brunette head of hair:

Anna Faris: Ana Faris put on a brown pixie cut wig while filming her new flick, "The Dictator," where she plays the owner of a health food store.

Ashley Tisdale: Ashley Tisdale rose to fame as the obnoxiously blonde Sharpay in High School Musical. A year or so ago she died her hair brown and kept it that way for a really long time. Finally she realized that blondes have way more fun and went back to blonde.

Scarlett Johansson: Johansson is famously blonde, but recently died her hair reddish brown. It looks good and I guess her Scarlet name matches her hair now?

Lindsay Lohan: Remember when Lindsay had red hair, and then bleach blonde hair and then, ACK nearly black hair? How her hair has not completely abandoned her whole head is beyond me. But several years ago she went back and forth between platinum blonde and dark dark brown for over a year.