Kate Hudson's Bohemian Beauty Secrets

January 20, 2012 By:
Kate Hudson's Bohemian Beauty Secrets

Kate Hudson is hot off her recent “face of” both Ann Taylor and Almay campaigns and even though we find her looks to be stunning, she admits she doesn’t think of herself as “red carpet ready.”

Kate has pioneered the whole boho aesthetic, and I’m not talking about the Rachel Zoe, size negative zero jeans and t-shirts that are 4 times too large, Kate Hudson has perfected the flowy skirts, air dried hair, and natural make-up look.

“I get it if somebody calls me bohemian,” she tells People, “However, I don’t think I ever feel red carpet ready. You’re always wondering if something’s hanging out or if your eyelash is falling off.”

That being said, she admits, “I love dressing up, but I think you feel red carpet ready when the red carpet’s over. I’d rather be at home with the kids.”

Proving to be one of the most low-maintenance chicks in Hollywood, she named her kid Bing and her hair appears naturally sun-kissed (I know it ‘aint, but let’s pretend like it is), what is Kate Hudson’s beauty secret?

“I try to use natural products,” she reveals, “Sometimes I’ll just put Egyptian Magic on my eyes. I use it for everything.”

She’s not exaggerating, from her hair to her face, Kate uses Egyptian Magic on everything.
“This is going to sound crazy,” she says, “but I literally put Egyptian Magic in my hair. When it’s damp, I’ll scrunch some of it in my hair and let it dry.”