Designer Nicholas Kirkwood Regrets Dissing Kate Middleton

May 4, 2012 By:

Last week British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood talked smack on Kate Middleton! Gasp! Oh no he didn’t! Apparently nude LK Bennett heels and well-tailored Reiss dresses are not cool with Kirkwood.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Kirkwood essentially said that Kate Middleton only wears high street, which are the more common UK stores as opposed to the exclusive luxury brands.

He’s now apologized (more on that later), but here’s what he originaly said.

“It’d be great if she did wear [my] shoes. She just wears too much high street stuff. I know she’s trying to be democratic, but I don’t know how many pairs of LK Bennett you can wear. She does occasionally come out and is wearing [Alexander] McQueen or something like that. It’s like, ‘Do that more! You’re meant to be a princess-y type of person, so act like one!’”

Today, Kirkwood is claiming that the Daily Beast took his words out of context, “The Duchess of Cambridge has had an important impact on the British fashion industry, both on the high fashion and high street…Of course, there is nothing that I would like more than for her to wear my shoes. My comments have been taken out of context.”

What he's trying to say is...wear my shoes, girl!