Get Kate Middleton's Royal Makeover

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Get Kate Middleton's Royal Makeover

There’s no denying Kate Middleton’s natural, seemingly fuss-free beauty. She’s got a killer smile, and unless her hair stylist is David Copperfield, her long, thick locks somehow remain naturally 100% frizz-free in Britain’s foggy weather.

But especially over the past few months, the shy, small-town gal has glammed herself up in a royal way.

Kate Throughout The Years

She dated William on-and-off throughout her twenties, so everyone was able to see how she transformed from a cute, baby-faced girl into a sleek, stylish woman.

Kate has prepped herself for princess, and we’ve put together a few steps that can make you feel a little regal, too.

Make-Up: Keep it simple Kate’s make-up has always been pretty natural. Against all tradition, Kate reportedly refused to have anyone help with her make-up on her wedding day.

Even in her famous engagement pictures, Kate did it all herself.

Make-up artist Julia Bolino says of Kate’s work: “She has a lovely face and good skin and hasn’t changed her style much from her student days, with her dark eyes, lined in black and natural colored lipstick to disguise her slightly thin lips. Her mother, Carole Middleton is a very polished woman and I would say she has been a big influence on Kate’s make-up style, which is very safe, very understated.”

So if you want to recreate Kate’s look, you won’t need much—blush, natural lipstick, and some eyeliner—just don’t get all Amy Winehouse with it.

Clothing: Knee length skirt suits are key That see-through dress might’ve nabbed her a prince, but these days, Kate knows to cover up.

She’s come a long way from the knee-high boots and oversized bags she used to don. She still shows off her legs—but never too much. The woman can rock a skirt suit, but she keeps it pretty understated and conservative.

A knee length skirt or dress with a fitted blazer is Kate’s staple style nowadays. The amazing royal blue power suit that she sported on Monday had been hanging in her closet for years—proving everything she wears stands the test of time.

You don’t see her leaving the house with a long, dangling feather in her ear and fur boots on.

Celerity stylist Camilla Ridley Day approves of Kate’s wardrobe choices, but says it does make her look a few years older.

“The buttoned jacket will not reveal the slightest hint of cleavage when stooping to speak to a child — and she’s even wearing a black vest to ensure she doesn’t accidentally expose anything.”

Kate has to remain a little modest, but the rest of us can forgo the vest—those puppies gotta breathe!

Hair: Stay classic and natural Leave the short, choppy experimenting to Victoria Beckham.

Again, Kate has to keep her look classic so no one looks back at royal photos twenty years from now and says, “what the @#$% was she thinking?!”

Kate’s lucky to have celebrity stylist Richard Ward on hand, but it’s nothing that can’t be achieved with a sleek blowout. Pull your hair away from your face, find a damn good frizz-fighter, and you’re set.

Etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith said, “‘Kate is staying true to her original style, which is very loose and natural, but she is also very much aware that every camera and eye is on her — and an unfortunate photograph of her hair blowing in her face would simply not do.”

Body Language: Stay poised and approachable ‘There is a definite change in the way Kate is carrying herself, which would imply instruction,’ says body language expert Judi James.

While Kate used to have a spontaneous, carefree cadence, her actions now seem a lot more poised. You’ll never see a photo of Kate slouching with her arms crossed. Even if she’s having a bad day, Kate always looks graceful, and needless to say, her posture is impeccable.

Much like Princess Diana, Kate has a “self-effacing laugh”, according to James. “She leans back and holds her hands up to her chest, which is another classic ‘people pleaser’ and one used by President Clinton.”

Another thing to remember: stay toothy—Kate has a wide, genuine smile in nearly every photograph. Her body language says, “talk to me, I’m a total sweetheart!” So don’t forget to smile. Just make sure you’ve whitened.

You want to show off your pearly whites, not your buttery yellows.

Accessories: Hello, hats! I’m hoping Kate’s very British hats will make a trip to the States soon.

She’s gone from flying saucer to feathered cap, and every one is adorable. Please, Target, get on this!

Other than the hats, Kate carries a variety of little clutches, which help make her look demure and ladylike. Etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith says the clutch is “almost like a comfort blanket. It gives a lady something to do with her hands”. Silly me, I’ve just been putting them in my pockets.

Kate might have her own Glam Squad to ease her into the role of Princess, but who wants the responsibility and pressure that comes with that? With just a few adjustments, you can transform into royalty for a day, too.

After you’ve gotten it out of your system, go back to your sweats and slouching.