Kate Middleton and Princess Diana: The Differences

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Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have a lot in common.

They're both beautiful, there's that sapphire ring, and uh…they're both British….

Ok, so Kate Middletown and Diana Frances Spencer couldn't be more starkly different.

Even in photos, you can see these two ladies are probably polar opposites in personality. And while every person is unique and special and all that junk, it's hard not to compare this Royal Wedding to the one our parents watched thirty years ago.

Princess Diana: Fashion Icon Throughout the Year

Age at Marriage: Diana was a mere twenty years old when she married Prince Charles, while Kate is twenty-nine. If anything, it's a testament to the generational gap. Back in the day, Kate might've been considered a spinster. Another interesting fact, Charles was twelve years older than Diana, while Will is a year younger than Kate. Someone's been watching Cougar Town!

Nickname: Princess Diana was called "Shy Di" for her submissive and meek cadence. In nearly every photo of Kate, she looks anything but shy. Kate always has a big toothy grin, whereas Diana had a small, timid smile. Kate's nickname? "Waity Katy". Not very flattering, but the wait paid off. Kate and Will dated for eight years before he popped the question. Prince Charles courted Diana for a mere six months.

Education: Kate is an independent, working girl with a degree—a very modern woman with whom Beyonce would be proud. She graduated with a degree in art history and worked as an accessories buyer for a clothing line. Diana, on the other hand, left school to marry Charles.

Wedding Guests Invited: Diana had a whopping 3,500 guests at her and Prince Charles' wedding. Kate and Will are inviting almost half of that—1,900. That explains why I didn't get my invite.

Bride's Arrival Transportation: Diana arrived to St. Paul's Cathedral in a gaudy, traditional horse-drawn carriage made of glass and gold. Kate will be arriving in a limousine.

Where She Said "I do": Prince Charles proposed to Diana at Buckingham Palace, whereas Will got down on one knee in a log cabin in Kenya. Very non-traditional, and very romantic.

While Diana's wedding to Prince Charles seemed to be all about custom and tradition, Kate and Will have done things their own way, which is a little more modern. Although, I'm sure the Queen has the final say in it all.

Despite their differences, Kate and Diana have one thing in common—they both make beautiful royal brides!

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