Kate Middleton Can Sell Anything

April 5, 2011 By:

Kate Middleton can buy the most hideous outfit and it will fly off the shelves.

At this point it’s become a joke at all the things people are doing to make money off of the princess to be.

The not so special top that Kate wore for her engagement portrait is now available for purchase once again at Whistles. The reason it wasn’t available prior to the photo being taken was because a humble Kate wore a top that she bought on sale from the fall 2008 collection. Clearly, this girl is not a diva!

The store has decided to bring back the top so all the Kate-abee’s can purchase it at a much more inflated price.

The collarless shirt, with lacy detailing is now $203. Technically, Kate bought it at a bargain price!

If you are interested you can visit, www.whistles.co.uk