Kate Middleton Inspires Banana Republic Dress

January 27, 2012 By:

You know that beige Reiss dress that Kate Middleton wore when she met President Obama in May? The same dress that caused the Reiss website to crash because UK fans raced to the brands website to try and snag the nude colored “Shola” dress?

Well Banana Republic has now created a knock-off version of that Reiss dress, so fans can crash that website too.

Banana Republic may claim that their new dress is inspired by Kate Middleton, but really, they are ripping off a Reiss dress. Let’s call it what it is.

The Banana Republic version is called the “Kate Sheath” and comes in two colors, beige (Like Kates) and black.

However, the original dress costs $340, but the Banana Republic version is only $130. Banana Republic’s website better be crash-proof.

The two dresses are nearly identical. The Reiss one is a lot more flattering, but the Banana Republic version has the same cap sleeves, square neckline, paneling around the waist, and pleated bust.

When Middleton was spotted wearing the original Reiss dress, traffic on the brand’s website increased by 300%! Banana Republic is probably hoping for the same kind of mass hysteria.

Kate has become something of an ambassador for the label, she’s always spotted wearing Reiss at her various Royal engagements.

“Kate’s been a loyal customer to us for years. She wore a Reiss dress for her engagement photos and has the Olivia – a white coat with black buttons,” says a spokesperson for the label.