Kate Middleton Named "Hat Person of the Year"

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Kate Middleton Named \"Hat Person of the Year\"
I accidentally read this as Kate Middleton named CAT person of the year, and I was seriously rethinking everything I knew about the Royal family. Thank goodness we got that cleared up.

Kate Middleton is the “HAT Person of the Year,” according to The Headwear Association, which is definitely a real thing and not something created by bald weirdos!

The Headwear Association was created in 1908 to “promote hat wearing and the headwear industry throughout the world.” Hey man, everybody needs a cause, even hats.

To be fair, Kate doesn’t really wear hats, per se. She usually wears these things called “fascinators”, which is like a small fuzzy piece of installation art strapped onto ones forehead.

The Headwear Association was really a fan of her purple velvet hat she wore tipped over her head at Christmas. They also liked the giant white satellite dish she wore, designed by Sylvia Fletcher at Lock and Co.

This year she beat out other hat enthusiasts like Rachel Zoe, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Charlie Sheen. Definite competition, because those guys can wear a hat!

This is the third year that the organization has named someone the “Hat Person of the year.” Johnny Depp was last year’s winner, good choice, Depp loves a hat almost as much as he hates doing interviews.

The first ever Hat person was Brad Pitt, which is a solid choice as he’s been known to rock a newsboy cap.
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