Kate Middleton Needs New Shoes

June 7, 2012 By:

For someone so Royal, her shoe closet is pretty bare. Kate Middleton only wears two pairs of shoes. I’m assuming she has a giant spotlight in her closet and below it sits a pair of her beloved nude L.K. Bennett pumps and her former favorite heels, those black pumps from the same designer.

This time last year, Kate only stepped out in a $300 pair of black L.K. Bennett Greta heels, which she wore so often and so proud that the brand reissued them and dubbed them “The Kate.”

After wearing out the shoes and boring us with her sartorial foot fare, she switched out the black for, wait for it, nude pumps! Gasp, something different! Oh wait, we all collectively exhaled, these shoes are still equally boring.

Now I’m actually convinced she sleeps in her nude L.K. Bennett pumps. In ascending order, here is just a sampling of all the times she’s worn these shoes in the past year.

June 4, 2011: Derby Day

June 12, 2011: Philip’s 90th Birthday

July 2, 2011: In Ottowa on her Canadian tour

July 3, 2011: In Quebec

July 7, 2011: In Calgary, Canada

July 8, 2011: Somewhere else in Canada

July 30, 2011: At Zara Phillip’s wedding

September 29, 2011: At the Royal Marsden

June 3, 2012: Just when we thought she retired them…she wears them to the Diamond Jubilee

June 5: At St. Paul’s for the Diamond Jubilee

These nude pumps barely cost $300 and can be purchased here in the states at retailers like Nordstrom.

I love me a nude pump, despite them being all-the-rage in 2011, but you can still rock the shoe as Kate does. However, why does a woman with a disposable income insist on being so thrifty with her closet?

However, it’s clear she has at least TWO pairs of the nude pump. She owns one in a glossy leather and another in a patent leather. I know, crazy right?

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