Kate Middleton's Diet Revealed!

March 16, 2011 By:
Kate Middleton's Diet Revealed!

You're probably going to be as sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding as you are of Charlie Sheen by the time April 29th comes around.

It feels like there’s new information about the $10 million dollar wedding every hour--mostly because there is.

Come April 29th, all eyes will be on Kate Middleton, so she wants to make sure she looks her absolute best. And that includes working on her fit bod.

Luckily for Kate she's 5'10, 120 pounds, and reportedly wears a size two. With those dimensions she doesn’t really need to do anything to get in shape. Actually, she might want to eat a sandwich because being a size to at 5’10 is REALLY skinny.

But nonetheless Kate is reportedly on the 'Dukan' diet, which consists of low-carb/high-protein. It starts with little to no carbs and slowly phase’s carbs back in.

Recent swimsuit shots of Kate showed off a really toned princess-to-be, but unfortunately you can't really tell she has that kind of body because she’s always dressed so conservatively.

Kate hasn’t gotten that toned body by sitting on her ass and eating burgers. She loves playing outdoor sports and actually spends an hour a day at the gym rowing, running and lifting weights.