Victoria Beckham Designing Custom Made Clothes for Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton is turning 30 on January 9 and what do you give The Duchess of Cambridge? Custom made dresses, obviously. Because Victoria Beckham and Kate MIddleton are pals, or so I assume, the Beckham's were invited to the Royal Wedding, Beckham wants to design an exclusive capsule collection of dresses especially for Kate Middleton.

Forget Prince Charming, I wanna be royalty for the free swag!

"Victoria has designed a special collection of dresses and accessories for Kate," a source told Showbizspy, "These will be exclusive to Kate. Victoria loves Kate's style and has used that as inspiration for this gift. She is very excited for her to receive them."

That being said, Kate Middleton reportedly does not accept free clothes, but I don't know what her policy is on birthday gifts. Also, how can you turn down free dresses designed by Victoria Beckham? She may be a former Spice Girl but her girly frocks are super cute. However, there are rumors that over the years Victoria has tried to send Middleton some of her dresses, yet Middleton has never been photographed wearing a single dress by Victoria Beckham.

Maybe she wears them in the privacy of her own home, or castle, or wherever it is that Duchesses go to bed at night. You know Middleton is secretly drinking tea in an orange and pink color block asymmetric fitted dress by VB, I'm sure.

Apparently Kate Middleton's personal style was what inspired Beckham to create the collection. I wonder if it will ever go on sale to the public?
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