Kate Moss Launches New Fragrance Lilabelle Inspired By Her Daughter

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Kate Moss Launches New Fragrance Lilabelle Inspired By Her Daughter
Kate Moss has several fragrances out on the market, but her latest endeavor is a tribute to her 9 year-old daughter Lila Grace, she named the perfume Lilabelle.

“Lilabelle is my most personal fragrance yet, inspired by my daughter Lila. It is a really soft and gentle scent yet also a bit daring. I created it for both for grown women who want to remain young at heart and teens who want glamour and sophistication. It's my gift to every woman and girl who lives life to the full.”

Aww so sweet. This isn’t the first time she named a product after Lila. When she did a collaboration with TopShop, one of her ranges featured a liberty print in lilac covered in bluebells, which she called “Lila-bell.”

The photoshoot for the fragrance features a freshfaced Moss modeling the perfume bottle where she explains, “The final image has a very vivid yet sensual and tender feel, which is perfect for Lilabelle.”

Moss says the make-up free ad is because of her daughter’s wishes, who can often be “prudish” and prefers her mom without face paint on.

“I always take my make-up off, because otherwise my daughter will come in and say, 'Mummy, tut-tut'. She doesn't like it. She likes the fresh-faced, natural mummy, when I've got my hair in a bun and no make-up on.”

Lila was recently a bridesmaid to her mothers summer wedding to musician Jamie Hince.

“Lila is quite prudish - she'll only wear a little bit of lip gloss or something. But she is into nail art. I think Lila is beautiful - she's so innocent and has that fresh face. She's gorgeous, but obviously she is my daughter,” gushes Moss.

The bright pink packaging and flower petal design makes this perfume geared towards girls and teens and “women who want to be young girls.”

She must be marketing towards a highly sophisticated set of girls who even know who Kate Moss is. When I was a pre-teen I thought scented deodorant was perfume. But in the UK, they do things differently over there.

It is being described as, “a blend of modernity and classicism, playfulness and sophistication.”

The composition is floral - woody - musky, fresh, lush and sensual. The notes include mandarin, osmanthus, freesia, lily, night blooming jasmine, plumeria, sandalwood, amber and heliotrope.

Moss has had incredible success with her past fragrances, so this new one should be no different.
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