Rag & Bone's First Ad Campaign Stars Kate Moss

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Luxury fashion label Rag & Bone has never needed a campaign. It’s anti-campaign is what kept it hip and cool and indie, but when the brand finally decided to launch their first full scale advertisement, they went with the best…Kate Moss.

While Kate isn’t exactly the Vogue fixture that she used to be (the ‘90s were a LONG time ago), it’s always exciting when she models for something. Remember her recent Mango campaign which made me weep in a bad way because Mango is basically one step away from modeling for Forever 21?

Anyways, Kate looks fab in these simple ads for the New York based, Londoner-created brand.

Rag & Bone was created in New York by two dudes who hailed from London. The ads were shot by Craig McDean on the streets on London.

“It wasn’t in a studio, it was just them on a derelict London street – Kate with minimal makeup and Craig with a handheld camera and natural light,” the brands co-founder Marcus Wainwright told Women’s Wear Daily.

In the images, Kate is sporting leather shorts, a white tee, and a leather trenchcoat that only Kate can pull off so effortlessly.

Kate also shot a huge ad campaign for a small-time Euro denim brand Liu Jo. I guess she’s got to take the jobs where she can find ‘em. On the plus side, she does look really great. She may not be the face of Calvin Klein anymore, but she’s faring much better than the rest of the ‘90s supermodels.
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