See Kate Moss In New George Michael Video

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Last month we reported that Kate Moss was to star in George Michael’s new music video for “White Light.” Not only would this video serve as George Michael’s comeback after battling a life threatening case of pneumonia, but Kate freaking Moss is in it! Now the video has finally arrived.

This isn’t some kind of special cameo, she’s in a good 1/2 of the video.

Let’s break this down: Kate appears in the first few seconds of the video in a big fur patchwork coat. It’s all sorts of “winter in Moscow” or what I'm imagining winter is like there. The wind is blowing and she’s giving all sort of “Oh I didn’t see you there” face.

Kate actually is giving lots of emotions making me wonder why she never tried to turn her modeling career into an acting career?

She appears later in the video when George Michael is tearing his way through some half-naked dance party while Kate floats through the throngs of dancing bodies, clutching her arms to her jacket.

The song is about Michael’s struggle with his health, Kate kind of plays an angelic figure and at the end of the video flips a coin for Michael as if to say “choose life or death.”

Who better to play a guardian angel than Kate with her wispy blonde hair and timeless features?

Kate’s role in the video was apparently in response to Michael leaving her out of his 1990 video for “Freedom ‘90” which featured all the supermodels of the moment: Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tyra Banks and Christy Turlington.
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