Katie Holmes Divorce Causes Spike In Holmes & Yang Fashion Line

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Before Katie Holmes divorce, most people didn't even know that Katie Holmes had a fashion line. Her brand is called Holmes & Yang and was co-created by Katie and her longtime stylist Jeanne Yang and it’s mostly $900 blouses that Gwyneth Paltrow would probably promote on GOOP, which is why you’ve never heard of it.

Anyways, since Katie’s post-divorce media blitz and the fact that she’s wearing her own designs more often and getting photographed in them, the brand has seen a spike in sales post-split.

Currently, the brand is only available at Barneys in New York and Beverly Hills and in exactly four boutiques around the country.

Katie Holmes Is Presenting at New York Fashion Week

Fox news contacted both the Barney’s in LA and NY and a clerk at the store reported an increase in sales and more interest in the brand.

Also, a Barney’s in Dallas, that doesn’t stock the line, said that customers have been asking when the store will start carrying Holmes & Yang.

One stylist called her divorce “a dream opportunity” for Holmes & Yang publicity. Poor choice of words, seeing as divorce sucks, and all, but yeah, it really is a “dream” for their brand.

Not only that, but Katie is finally showing the brand at NY Fashion Week this fall.

“Every editor will be at the Spring 2013 Holmes & Yang showing this September,” David Zyla, stylist told Fox.

The clothes previewed at NY Fashion Week in September will hit stores in February, so we’ll have a better idea then, if Katie’s fashion career is truly taking off.

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