Katie Holmes: From Couture to Mom Jeans

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Katie Holmes: From Couture to Mom Jeans
Where in the world did Katie Holmes’ sense of style go? There was a time when Katie wouldn’t even leave the house without getting her hair and makeup done, and now she has completely let herself go.

Let’s take a look back at Katie’s style throughout the years. She was always very girl-next-door growing up. But when she met Tom Cruise and started hanging around Hollywood A-listers such as the Beckhams, the Smiths and Jennifer Lopez, she started dressing like the A-lister she became overnight.

Suri Cruise Picks Out Katie's Clothes

Katie’s style made headlines when she chopped off her never-before-groomed hair into a bob. After that, she completely changed the way she dressed as well.

She started wearing top designers at A-list Hollywood events and was instatntly on everyone’s best-dressed list.

Fast-forward 2 years and she’s back to her plain Jane ways. We weren't impressed at all with her gray strapless she picked for the Tony Awards last night. It looked like a get-up Suri would wear during a game of dress-up.

Katie Holmes: Can't Touch This!

Katie either fired her stylist, hairstylist, makeup artist or Suri completely took her style away from her. She just needs to realize she can still be a stylish Hollywood mom! That doesn't mean she has to go back to being gaga over couture, but on the flip side, we'd appreciate if she took some notes from fellow hot Hollywood moms like Gwen Stefani or Nicole Richie.

And while Katie's at it...we love you Jennifer Garner, but your streetwear style makes us cringe!

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