Katy Perry "Maybe" Launching a Men's Fragrance

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Katy Perry has already successfully launched two fragrances, her first was called "Purr" and her latest perfume "Meow!" was released next month. But can we expect Katy Perry to launch a men's fragrance and, I dunno, call it "Woof" or "Fido"? Because girls are cats and boys are dogs!

"I'm not sure," says Perry, "I think I really know how to do female-related things. It might be a little more tricky to do a men's fragrance. But maybe."

She then quotes Justin Bieber and says she wouldn't cross off Men's cologne from her hypothetical to-do list.

"I don't want to say no to anything," she adds, "Just like Justin BIeber says, 'Never say never.' So maybe one day. For right now, I'm just doing Meow!"

Hmmmm, feline inspired fragrances and Justin Bieber quotes. I don't know how I feel about this woman.

A reporter asked her if her husband Russell Brand would ever spritz himself down with her Meow perfume (someone fire that reporter, uh der does your husband wear lady perfume?) Katy says, "I don't know if he necessarily wears it," she jokes, "But I wouldn't mind if he did. I would not judge him."

She also talks about her current fragrances at the launch of Meow! "The first fragrance was more floral, by a long while, and this one is a lot more edible."

Katy Perry also talks about her new blonde hair.

"I'm having fun with my hair color because I was black haired for 10 years. That was a long time, so I just decided to change things up, try new things and see what worked. Who knows? I'll probably have to shave my head one day because of all of it."
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